About Us


High West Capital Partners is a private investment firm focused on global distressed, special situations and structured finance in 20+ markets spanning from South America to Europe and the AsiaPacific. The firm’s primary objective is to provide immediate funding to Clients who need liquidity.

HWCP structures and provides liquidity solutions for private and public companies, shareholders, and individuals around the world. With a team of seasoned market veterans combined with a quantitative investment process, and top tier global service providers, HWCP delivers capital to meet and overcome corporate and individual financial hurdles.

Origins of High West

High West Capital Partners was founded in Hong Kong. The name High West or Sai Ko Shan is one of the mountain peaks on Hong Kong island which has views of central Hong Kong to the North, Western views of Victoria Harbour and the South China Sea. All integral trading points that have deep history in the success of Hong Kong as a financial global epicenter.

Our Investment Approach

What We Do

High West Capital Partners specializes in providing custom liquidity solutions to institutional investors, mutual funds, family offices and corporate officers and directors. We are able to provide innovative financing structures our competitors simply cannot provide due to our pool of long term capital.

We can structure a financing product in any market throughout Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. We understand the needs of our customers and pride ourselves on working as a team to make each customer completely happy.

Our Difference

The High West difference is clear, we do what we say we are going to do and we provide customers with clear and easy to understand financing options. Structured financial solutions do not need to be complicated as many of our competitors would have you believe.

We work with our customers to understand their needs and then we execute. Our goal is to have multiyear relationships versus one transaction and done.

Our Mission

Founded on the values of creating long term capital growth solutions for small to middle market clients by managing volatility in the markets to achieve the stable returns required to be a leader in the industry. High West specializes in esoteric capital structures with a diversified investment in private equity, corporate finance and asset backed lending which is lead by a strong management with expertise in the capital markets.

We understand the challenges clients face in the market place. Our investment team specializes in bespoke financing to achieve our clients objectives.

High West By the Numbers


The Financial Products Professionals at High West Capital Partners have over 35 years of experience in financial products and markets. All members of the firm are in good standing with various financial regulatory bodies of the United States, South America, Europe and Asia. Additional stats include:

$M Structured

Transactions Completed

Markets Covered

Years Of Experience

ESG Principles


At HWCP, we believe in pursuing Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) principles to provide sustainable capital for clients and society at large.

Our Investing Responsibly standards are focused on two main objectives:


    • Integrate ESG criteria in our investment decisions to create long term value for investors and support the development of a sustainable economy as a responsible investor
    • Pursue an ESG engagement policy to create a constructive dialogue with our companies and help them improve